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April 15, 2018

New line Skateparks: in support of organizations like Skateistan


Sky Brown Leading the charge at Grand Opening

 New line Skateparks is dedicated to supporting organizations like Skateistan as we believe that skateboarding can truly break barriers and bridge individuals together regardless of race, class and/or gender. We choose Skateistan as their history of working to empower marginalized populations in regions of the world divided by war, conflict and oppression is nothing short of inspiring. They emphasis female participation in areas of the globe where women and girls have a lack of opportunities. In February 2018, we sent our very own Chris Ray, who is a former employee of Skateistan and has been instrumental in two Skatesitan skatepark projects so far, to Phnom Penh for the grand opening of their new school and outreach facility. Read more about his experience below:


I am a former project manager for Skateistan, building new spaces in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia, and the opportunity to keep working with Skateistan has been one of my favorite things about my job at New Line Skateparks. In 2017,  Skateistan announced plans for a new skate school location in Phnom Penh, and we had the privilege of helping them design and build new concrete skate features for the park.


New concrete features fully integrated with existing ramps.

 At first my role was mostly behind a desk, communicating with the local staff about what features would work best and drawing up the plans for construction.  It was a bit tough to estimate how long the build would take, knowing that unforeseen delays always present themselves, but we went ahead and created a design for a full skatepark that incorporated several ramps from an older facility.  New Line then sent two of its best builders, Jesse and Jeff, to Cambodia for one month and they were able to get everything we drew built, thoroughly exceeding our expectations.


The infamous Jim Thiebaud helping kick things off

 In February of 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia to attend the grand opening of the new skate school.  After working in South Africa I knew a bit about what goes into opening a new school, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect traveling to this unfamiliar part of the world.   Phnom Penh is an incredible city to visit, and from what I heard the rate of development there is tremendous – the contrast of 500 year old Buddhist temples with the newer modern architecture was unexpected.  It did remind me of South Africa in many ways – a beautiful country with a troubled history, full of wonderful people and world of potential.


Dropping in

 The grand opening was a huge success and once again, the Skateistan team both local and international worked so hard to make it as great as it could be.  The transformation of the facility in the final 48 hours alone was impressive – everyone was pitching in on all the final details which included cleaning, painting, welding, moving scaffolding and hanging artwork, setting up all of the stations for the guests, media prep, and ribbon cutting logistics with a bit of skating mixed in.  The morning of the opening everyone was feeling great and looking for more ways to help, but there wasn’t much left to be done besides open the school.


Sky Brown, Mimi Koop and local children take in the excitement of a magic show

 The event was so much fun, and it seems like Skateistan has attracted the most creative personalities from all over Phnom Penh to their program.  I expected the great skate jam, but the breakdancing, live music, magic show and VR nature experience were all big surprises.  As usual, Skateistan’s young female skaters were fearless dropping in on the biggest quarter pipe, and I’m so excited to see what they can learn now that they have perfectly built, mellow concrete features.  From Afghanistan to Cambodia the students will get really good at riding whatever they have at their disposal, and with the improved skatepark in Phnom Penh we’re sure to see even better skating.


Chris Ray – Landscape Designer New Line Skateparks


February 01, 2018

Ahousaht First Nation's Skatepark: A story of Hope, Resilience and Gratitude

The community of Ahousaht First Nation is located on Flores Island, a 45-minute boat ride north of Tofino, British Columbia. Members of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council, the community is home to roughly 900 people. An Island truly close to New Line’s heart, Ahousaht is home to a beautiful people and the saviours of one of our own staff. The isolated First Nations community made international news on October 15th, 2015 when their immediate response to a capsized whale watching boat saved the lives of 21 people. Among the 21 survivors were our Director of Construction, Dwayne Mazereeuw and his wife Elisa The two were pulled from the frigid pacific waters by members of the Ahousaht community after managing to cling to a single life preserver shared between several people and moments before hypothermia had fully set in. Filled with gratitude and the knowledge that they would be returning home to their two children, Dwayne’s attention quickly turned to ways of giving back to the people that gifted so much to him.

Dwayne discovered an online campaign to build the youth of Ahousaht a new skateboard park and it became an obvious fit for him and New Line Skateparks, to join efforts of the locally organized “Get on Board” foundation led by Grant Shilling. With international media coverage, the money for the skatepark was raised quickly and New Line broke ground on the project in October of 2016.

 Much more than just a skatepark, Ahousaht’s new facility is considered a social gathering place for youth and adults alike. “There is just an overall feeling that we are building a friendship with the people of Ahousaht and a sense of optimism for the children.” – Grant Shilling

 An ambitious project from the onset, 1.2 million lbs of equipment and materials needed to be transported by the way of floating barge to the isolated island. A crew of 7 people worked tirelessly over the span of 6 weeks to ensure the projects timely completion.

For Dwayne, the park is a physical manifestation of the gratitude he feels towards the people of Ahousaht and Rebecca Atleo, Ahousaht’s director of education, applauded Mazereeuw’s efforts. “I think that shows a real true appreciation towards the people who saved his life. What better way – doing something for the kids.”

Ahousaht is not immune to the many risk factors that are a reality for isolated First Nations communities across Canada. From the onset of the project, both chief and council saw the benefits a skatepark would provide for the youth of Ahousaht and gave their unanimous support for the project. “With our kids, I really truly, truly believe each of them has the potential to do something, to be something, to make their mark in the world. But we also have to build in that self-confidence for them to say ‘Yeah I can do this, I can!’ Without fear. We got a national chief out of here, we could get a world champion skateboarder out of here.  Anything’s possible,” - Rebecca Atleo

New Line has continued its relationship with the community of Ahousaht, through donating boards and equipment as well as, planning skateboard lessons for willing participants. Ahousaht will long remain in the hearts and minds of our staff as we were given a gift that can never be repaid.

For more information on this project contact Everett Tetz at

September 01, 2016

15 Year Anniversary Competitions

We're proud to partner with Supra Distribution to help celebrate our 15 year anniversary. With Supra's assistance, we're hosting a skate competition at the recently renamed Peter Sullivan Skatepark (formerly known as Ambleside) in West Vancouver on September 10th. Please join us at this open, free event. The cash purse is $1500 and there will be loads of prizes from HUF, Spitfire, and others.

Following the street contest, we're presenting a bowl contest on September 17th at our Mouat Skatepark in Abbotsford, BC with partners Replay Boardshop. Again the cash prize is $1500 along with an ample supply of products from Red Dragon, Creature, and more.

January 22, 2016

Giving Back in 2016 - Skateistan South Africa Skate School

New Line Skateparks Famiy and Friends,

As many of you are aware, each year we pick one or two special projects to donate a significant portion of our design and construction services to. For 2015, we had the privilege of teaming with the Banister family to develop a unique modern concrete skatepark and multiuse sport court on the Hull Services main facility campus. For those not familiar with the project, Hull Services is an amazing organization that specializes in providing behavioral, addiction, and mental health services to children and families in Southern Alberta. On any given day their work will reach up to 3,000 children, youth and families in need. The skatepark and sport court provides a safe and inviting outlet for skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, and other creative-play activities for youth and families visiting or residing on the campus. A heartwarming grand opening celebration took place on June 23, 2015 with the Banister Family, key supporters, and a stoked group of campus youth. The park has been making it’s impact ever since!

For 2016, we have set our sights overseas and are honoured to be working with the visionary team at Skateistan to construct an outreach school and 5,000 sqft concrete skatepark in Johannesburg, South Africa. Skateistan began as a grassroots 'Sport for Development' project on the streets of Kabul in 2007, and is now an award-winning, international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Skateistan is the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes. Skateistan is non-political, independent, and inclusive of all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds. The Johannesburg project will consist of a 5,000 sqft skatepark with two levels of shipping container classrooms and study areas. The park is laid out to include all the fundamental features scaled and arranged in a way that should facilitate learning and progression, as well as having a shaded green space for outdoor activities and classes. Once complete in summer 2016, the skate school will be providing free after-school education programs mixed with skateboarding classes for youth aged 5-17 in the area. Our team will be sending 4 expert skatepark concrete finishers to assist with completion of the project. In support of this effort, we are hoping to help raise $20,000 towards the project costs. The project will also made possible by way of generous donations from The Skateroom, the Tony Hawk Foundation, and the Royal Danish Embassy of South Africa.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in making a contribution towards this life changing youth initiative, we invite you to join with us in supporting Skateistan with a donation in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for all of your support over the past 15 years! We look forward continuing to make a difference in the lives of youth across the globe through the power of skateboarding. For more info on this project, please visit - The New Line Team

October 20, 2015

Prairie Fire: Rimbey, Warman, Gibbons, Drumheller

It has been an incredible season across the Canadian Prairies this year with a host of compelling new parks reaching completion throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan!  Check out the latest render and photo highlights from Rimbey AB, Warman SK, Gibbons AB and Drumheller AB.  Keep posted to our 'Projects Section' for the complete profile of each park in the coming months.  Thank you again to everyone who made each of these unique creations possible!



'The Runway' at Cold Lake, AB (Home to much of Canada's CF-18 Squad)

Cold Lake, AB - Render View of Bowl and Upper Plaza Deck Area

Skateable Truck at Rimbey, AB.. Home to one of the world's largest collections of antique International Trucks

View towards the tranny pockets at Rimbey, AB

View to obstacle area at Rimbey, AB

Renders of the expansive new Warman, SK beauty (finished shots coming soon!)

View of the Bowl at Drumheller, AB

Quick view of a portion of the Street area - Drumheller,AB

Render of the Gibbons, AB 'Rooted in Family'Skatepark - Opening Soon!

July 03, 2015

Six Nations Skatepark + Ermineskin Youth Park

Without question, some of our most exciting projects have been developed with First Nation groups across Canada.  See images below from two recent parks on First Nation lands: Six Nations Skatepark (Ohsweken, ON) and the Ermineskin Youth Park (Maskwacis, AB).  2 incredible communities with amazing development stories driven by dedicated youth, parents, and supportive Council members.  As the photos below attest, each park is unmistakably unique, and a reflection of the best attributes of each community.  Thank you from the NLS team to everyone who made these projects such a huge success!


Ermineskin Youth Park signature 'Bear Claw' bowl - referencing 'Bear Hills' area meaning

Ermineskin Youth Park - Feather Rail Detail

Ermineskin Youth Park - Official Opening Ceremony

Six Nations Skatepark

Six Nations Skatepark - 'Wampum' Belt feature

Six Nations Skatepark - Opening Ceremony

Six Nations Skatepark - Gazebo Art decks

July 03, 2015

Rollin' Hot - 2015 Project Updates from Coast to Coast

Summer's in full swing and 2015 is shaping up to be another amazing season for skatepark development across Canada and with our neighbours down South.  From celebrating our Lanark Skate Plaza (Los Angeles CA) grand opening with Tony Hawk, to kicking off the community design process in Kentiville NS, we've put together a handful of recent project highlights... Enjoy!


Chemainus, BC - grand opening

Clairmont AB - view through street section

Clairmont, AB - skateable 'Grain Elevator' extension

Clairmont, AB - bowl view

Roanoke, TX - 'Unique Dining Capital of TX' skateable sculpture park

Roanoke, TX - 'Unique Dining Capital of TX' skateable sculpture park

Roanoke, TX - 'Unique Dining Capital of TX' skateable sculpture park

Revelstoke, BC - preliminary design renderings based on community workshops

Lanark Skate Plaza, Los Angeles - Tony Hawk opening speach

Lanark Skate Plaza, Los Angeles - ledge detailing

Lanark Skate Plaza, Los Angeles - Tony shredding the hip

Kentville, NS - preliminary design sketching

Guelph, ON - design rendering

May 05, 2015

Ghost Ryders of Delburne, AB

We've been fortunate enough to work with a special group in Delburne, Alberta. Delburne is a Village with a population less than 1,000, which goes to show that no community is too small to create a great skatepark, and when youth come together with supportive adults, they can make great things happen!

We spoke with Brenda Smith of the Delburne Futures Committee.  Check out some highlights from their awesome story:

What prompted you to help Delburne get a new skatepark?

The Delburne Futures Committee (2011) is a group of local volunteers who have come together with a goal to assess some of the recreational and cultural needs within the Village Of Delburne and to choose one project at a time to execute. Our Mission is to enhance the well being of our community by promoting active living through recreation, culture and education and to make it accessible to all ages and abilities.  Our vision is to promote a healthy, active and unified community.  Our motto is: “Growing our Community One Idea at a Time”.

We had completed some great projects in Delburne such as a spray sark, paved path ways and a new Main Street Park, complete with playground, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts and new bathrooms.  We were then approached by the community to take on a new skatepark.

After talking to the kids, the school, and New Line Skateparks, we decided to take this project on.

How long have you been working on the skatepark initiative?

Our initial contact with the community was in November 2013 and we started the project in January 2014.

How many people are involved?

The success of our skate park project can be attributed to different groups of people working together.  The first group is the 6 amazing women on the Delburne Futures Committee.  We then met with Trevor Morgan of New Line who helped us get the kids really involved.  This turned into our school getting involved which consists of 3 key school staff and 12 kids from grades 6 – 12.  Finally we have had the total backing of the Delburne Village Council and our community.

Who are the Ghost Ryders?

The Ghost Ryders started out with 5 kids who were passionate about this project and willing to do the hard work to get this project going.  After talking to the school, the Vice Principal Stephan Banks became the school advisor and liaison and Brenda Smith became the Futures Committee advisor and liaison.  Over the course of a year the Ghost Ryder group grew to 12 kids with more kids wanting to join all the time.

The Ghost Ryders became a leadership project and a steering committee for the skatepark. They were instrumental in the success of the project by writing letters used for grants and sponsor proposals, creating their own logo, creating a Board of Directors where many key decisions were made concerning the park, attending and presenting at Village Council Meetings, doing fundraisers and most importantly volunteering in the community where they got to know the community and were able to connect and change many preconceived notions about the skateboarding culture.

What changes have you noticed since the skatepark initiative began?

Wow, lots of changes.  First, the kids.  Before the skate park project was initiated, most of these kids walked around with their heads down, had chips on their shoulders and were disengaged from their school and community.  The school, the Futures Committee, parents, the Village Council and MANY community members have related MANY stories about the incredible positive changes in these kids!  They are now totally engaged in their school AND community and their individual self confidence, self worth and sense of identity have soared to heights that surprised us all!  One Ghost Ryder who was so shy and quiet actually got up on his own, grabbed a mike at a local event and thanked the Village Of Delburne for everything they have done to help them reach their goals!  In a thank you letter to the Village Council, they talked about how before the project they felt judged and not part of this community but now that has all changed and they are discussing skateboarding, bikes and the skate park with members of the Delburne community.

Has the community been supportive?

Out of all the projects that we have done, this one was the hardest to get the community on board.  The main problems were the preconceived notions that the community had about the skateboarding culture.  They saw these kids as “punks” who use drugs, are disrespectful and who would only wreck the park after it was built.  But over the course of the project, the Ghost Ryders made a point of volunteering at local events and the community began to see what great kids they really are.  The community saw that they were invested in this project, were working hard for it and saw the different initiatives the Ghost Ryders were putting into place to ensure the park is viable for many years to come.  One of the motions passed at their Board meeting was that this park will be a Non Graffiti Zone and ANY graffiti at the park will immediately be cleaned up by the Ghost Ryders themselves.

Once this connection was made, the community has gone out of its way to engage these kids in conversation, supported their fund raising campaigns, reported their achievements and different campaigns in the local papers and flooded face book with ongoing compliments and praise for what these kids have done.

How do you plan on celebrating when the skatepark is complete?

We would like to have a grand opening this summer. Delburne always has a parade, followed by a fun day of kids games and baseball at the DECRA grounds where the skatepark will be located.  The Ghost Ryders would be in the parade and then convene at the skatepark for its grand opening. 

The Delburne School and the Delburne Futures Committee have also agreed to continue the Ghost Ryder Leadership program in the school.  The high school Ghost Ryders will have classes where they will continue the Board of Directors and work on annual Skateboarding competitions and Skate Park Fun Days with other skateparks in Central Alberta.  They will be able to receive credits for this class.  The school is also looking at a Skatepark Options class for 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks late spring.

October 30, 2014

2014 Season Update!

…Hard to believe it’s already October, classes are back in session, leaves are falling in the bowl and we’ve even had the first hits of snow across our job sites in Alberta!   Below are some of our 2014 Spring/Summer project highlights.  From $80,000 neighbourhood skate spots to our second world-class covered skate plaza ($1.7 Million), it’s been an another amazing summer working with the many dedicated volunteer groups and Municipal staff who are behind each project we are fortunate enough to develop.  It has been an incredible project journey with each of you and we’re always stoked with the many lasting friendships our team has made.  In addition to our community partners, a huge thanks goes out to our construction crews whose relentless passion and attention to detail continues to make every park (no matter how big or small) incredibly fun to skate.

Lots coming up for Winter and Spring 2015…  Let us know if we can help with anything and keep posted to our website and Facebook page for the latest updates.

Cloverdale, BC Youth Park

Cloverdale, BC Youth Park

Cloverdale, BC Youth Park

Cloverdale, BC Youth Park

Roanoke, TX Skatepark

Roanoke, TX Skatepark

High Prairie, AB Skatepark

High Prairie, AB Skatepark

Nelson, BC Skatepark

Arlington, TX Skatepark

Arlington, TX Skatepark

Arlington, TX Skatepark

Arlington, TX Skatepark

Manning, AB Skate/Bike Park

Ermineskin Cree Nation Skatepark (Maskwacis, AB)

Ermineskin Cree Nation Skatepark (Maskwacis, AB)

Granbury, TX Skatepark

Granbury, TX Skatepark

Stettler, AB Skatepark

Stettler, AB Skatepark

Six Nations Skatepark (Ohsweken, ON))

McNabb Skatepark (Ottawa, ON)

Vaughan, ON Skate Spot

June 03, 2014

Nelson/Cedar/Pelham - Grand Openings

Over the past three weeks, we had the great privilege of joining our amazing community partners at the grand opening celebrations for three signature parks completed in late 2013 / early 2014.  Thank you to all of the volunteers, Municipal/District staff members, and caring residents in Nelson BC, Cedar (Nanaimo) BC, and Pelham, ON for the hard work and dedication that led to the creation of these amazing communities spaces.  Isaac, this one's for you!

Isaac Riehl Memorial Skatepark - Pelham, ON

Nelson Skatepark - Nelson, BC

Nelson Skatepark - Nelson, BC

Cedar Skatepark - Nanaimo, BC

March 20, 2014

Now Open: Vandergriff Skatepark in Arlington, TX

Phases one and two of the three-phase Vandergriff skatepark are now open to the public!  A much-anticipated addition to "Naturally Fun" Arlington, the park features a unique combination of traditional bowl, snake run, and plaza terrain designed to appeal to all skill levels. The diverse cross-section of skatepark terrain will surely attract riders from all over Texas.

Project highlights include an expansive modern snake run wrapping around the site's existing trees, a modern 4-wing flow bowl, and one of a kind plaza decorated with signature architectural details and integral colours derived from the iconic City of Arlington logo. 

Please join in the grand opening celebration on April 5th and check out the park profile for more information about Vandergriff Skatepark.

*thanks to Skaters for Public Skateparks ( for the bowl construction pic.

March 08, 2014

Isaac Riehl Memorial Skatepark Wins Excellence in Design Award

We're proud to announce that the Isaac Riehl Memorial Skatepark in Pelham, ON has been recognized by Parks and Recreation Ontario with an Excellence in Design Award.

The award will be presented on March 26th in Niagara Falls to Town of Pelham staff as well as volunteers who were instrumental in seeing this project through. It recognizes "the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations that have enhanced the quality of life for Ontario's citizens. These awards showcase the very best of recreation and parks and also serve to draw attention to the importance and benefits of recreation for healthy people, vibrant communities and sustainable environments."

Please check out the park's profile for more information.

February 02, 2014

Cloverdale Skatepark Construction

Surrey, BC -- Construction on the new Cloverdale skatepark has been underway since Fall 2013. Things are really beginning to take shape in this unique park.

The new Cloverdale skatepark will be just the second in Canada to include a roof over skateable terrain (the other is Chuck Bailey Youth Park, also in Surrey). This time around, a portion of the "street" or "plaza" area will be covered.

Surrey residents know how well-used the old Cloverdale skatepark was; the new park will replace it with modern skatepark terrain developed in conjunction with Surrey and area stakeholders.

Centrally located near the junction of 62nd Ave and Highway 15, the nearly 24,000 sqft skatepark will sit adjacent to both the Cloverdale Recreation Centre and Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre. Other amenities include a "youth lounge" and spectator deck area overlooking the whole park.

We're honoured to help make Surrey the unofficial "skatepark capital of Canada". Please check back for news and more information.

Anticipated completion of the new Cloverdale skatepark is spring/summer 2014.

Ditch or snake run

Street area

Cloverdale Skatepark Construction

December 12, 2013

Happy Holidays and Thank You North America!

2013 has been a BIG year for our team and the many amazing communities we’ve worked with across the globe. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped lobby for, design, build, and ride some of our most exciting skatepark projects to date! We couldn't have done it without you. Check back for highlights from 2013 and a sneak peak of what’s brewing for 2014!

Gabe Nesbitt Skatepark - McKinney, TX

Santa Claus at Chinook Winds Skatepark - Airdrie, AB

November 12, 2013

Alberta Aerial Skatepark Videos

With the help of local skater / talented videographer, Matt Allen, we've managed to capture some pretty unique 'fly-by' videos of some of our best-known Alberta projects:

-Chinook Winds Skatepark in Airdrie

-Town of Olds Skatepark

-Sylvan Lake Skatepark

-Glendale Skatepark in Red Deer

Please visit our Videos section or our YouTube page to view.


October 28, 2013

Nelson, BC Has a New Park!

We've just completed construction on the Nelson Skatepark!

Located in Art Gibbon Park, the 12,000 sqft facility opened in late fall 2013 with unreal local ripping and rave reviews across the region. Hard work and dedication really pays off, as the Kootenay Lake Outdoor Skatepark Society (KLOSPS) lobbied and fundraised for nearly a decade to make this park a reality.  Thank you and congrats to Rob Levesque, Shane Johnsen and everyone else whose unwavering dedication led to the creation of this amazing community destination.

October 01, 2013

Late Season Construction in Lethbridge, Alberta

With unusually mild temperatures in late fall, we were able to get a great head start on construction of the Henderson Lake Skatepark in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Located at the corner of Mayor McGrath Drive and Parkside Drive South, the park will be ready to ride in the spring!

Here's a quick shot of the construction so far:

August 01, 2013

Glendale Skatepark - Red Deer, AB

The City of Red Deer’s highly anticipated new regional skatepark is now complete! Located in the city’s Northside, Glendale Skatepark features over 17,000 sqft of unique urban plaza terrain and 2 world-class bowl units that wrap around an expansive amphitheater-style viewing area.  Along with a one-of-a-kind hardscape configuration detailed with a Centennial Celebration theme, the facility also offers visitor parking, restrooms, custom site furnishings, linkages to public transit and pathways, a contemplated ‘eco-garden’ area, and a tactful interface with the surrounding residential, middle school, and future community center components of the extended site area.  The park is now among Western Canada’s largest and most progressive youth facilities - attracting visitors from across the country and serving as an appealing venue for high-level action sports contests, demonstrations, and events.

To the City of Red Deer, local skate and bike community, and everyone else who contributed to the park, a HUGE thank you from the New Line team for helping create a truly amazing youth destination in Alberta!

May 07, 2013

UBC Campus Skatepark Attracts Nationwide Acclaim

The University of British Columbia continues its pioneering ways by developing North America's first on-campus concrete skatepark!

UBC Skatepark represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the University Neighbourhoods Association, the University, van der Zalm & Associates, and New Line Skateparks. A true result of careful planning and creative thinking by all stakeholders, the signature 8,500 sqft skate friendly space opened in late April to wide praise that far exceeded expectations. 

See a collection of early images of the park in action below and read more about the project in the Vancouver Sun and CBC News.  You can also view our park profile here.

April 21, 2013

McKinney, Texas Skatepark Now Open!

Through a 6 month collaborative development process with local youth, surrounding community members, and our design-build team, the City of McKinney has created one of one of the most ambitious youth park developments in the Country. Located in the City's prized Gabe-Nesbitt Park, the skatepark offers over 30,000 sqft of 'Unique by Nature' plaza, obstacle, bowl, and ditch-inspired terrain designed for all ages, abilities, and riding styles.  Check out the park profile for more detailed views and videos.

April 01, 2013

Spring Skatepark Start - Alberta, Texas, Washington, Manitoba

As we await the thaw of a cold winter, our construction crews are already mobilizing. We're ramping up for another busy year of community skatepark development!

Down South, McKinney, TX and South Kitsap, WA will both become home to some compelling New Line destination parks this season.  Up in Canada, the cities Vancouver, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Winkler, and Red Deer will also have new skateparks in 2013.  Keep posted to this site and our Facebook Page for the latest updates on these projects and many others we have in the works!

Red Deer, AB is a particularly significant project for us as it's shaping up to be one of the most ambitious skateparks in Alberta - home to many of our key staff! A unique flow bowl along with an expansive series of plaza 'arms' and the region's first pool-style bowl are sure to attract visitors from far and wide. If the weather cooperates, we anticipate a June project completion.  Again, keep posted to our Facebook page for the latest updates.

From the entire New Line Team, a huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring these projects to fruition.  It has been an amazing journey with each of you and we look forward to skating together soon!

Red Deer, AB construction

Medicine Hat, AB model

Red Deer, AB model

South Kitsap, WA construction

McKinney, TX concept

March 07, 2013

Tony Hawk Donates to SOMA Skate Plaza

After a generous "shot in the arm" donation from Tony Hawk, the SOMA skate plaza in San Francisco is moving closer to construction. Read more in this Huffington Post article.

January 30, 2013

Hudiksvall Skatepark wins Swedish design award

The Sportparken in Hudiksvall, Sweden has been awarded the prestigious “active aging and solidarity between generations” award from the Swedish government.  This project was completed in 2011 and has been a popular venue for all generations to recreate and socialize.  The project site is located on the waterfront in Hudiksvall – a medium sized city in the north of Sweden.  New Line Skateparks worked with partners van der Zalm + associates to complete a public process with the community and finalized design in 2008.  After years of fundraising, the project was completed in 2011. The project features an expansive skateable plaza area and mini ramp complex along with socializing spaces,  large outdoor game boards, bocce, a bike skills area, and an open picnic space within a mature forest canopy.  Congratulations to Martin Norkvist – our community contact and project manager, who led the fundraising and awareness campaign for this innovative project.

December 17, 2012

Canoga Park - City of Los Angeles / Tony Hawk Foundation

New Line Skateparks is honoured to be working with the City of Los Angeles to deliver a compelling community skate plaza for youth residing within the often overlooked,and very much in-need, Canoga Park area.  Developed with hands-on input from the local community, the plaza features strong geometric forms that ‘overlap’ and ‘weave’ together to create a signature combination of urban skate elements and informal seating/viewing opportunities which will eventually tie-in to the entry area of the adjacent community center.  This project is funded by the City of Los Angeles and the Tony Hawk Foundation. Check out this video link and visit for more information and updates on this inspiring project!  

September 24, 2012

NE Metro Skatepark - Travis County, TX now open!

Travis County/Pflugerville's new destination skatepark serves as the highlight of the third and final phase of the area’s widely popular NE Metro Regional Park and now one of the most ambitious skate facilities on the Continent .  With approximately 30,000  sqft of highly detailed skateable terrain stretching across nearly an acre of green space, the facility offers an epic skateboarding/bmx  experience in a natural setting characteristic of the Blackland Prairie Region.   A big thanks from the New Line team to everyone who helped make this project a reality – from those who first advocated for the park to everyone who attended our design workshops.   Early shots of the park in action may be found below – enjoy! View the park profile for more photos and video.

Photos courtesy of: and Carter Dennis

September 19, 2012

Prairie Fire - Alberta and Saskatchewan Heat Up with New Parks

Prairie Fire – New Parks Open throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan

It’s been an exciting summer in the Western Canadian Prairies as a number of highly anticipated community skateparks open to the public and a host of others begin the design and fundraising process in preparation for the 2013 season.  With most projects resulting from a combination of grassroots community advocacy and creative input, local Municipal/District gov’t  support, and in some cases even Provincial and Federal funding, each one-of-a-kind park has its own unique story and development journey.  It has been a true privilege for our team to help bring each of these projects to life - see below for a collection of images and design-build highlights from each project!

Optimist Skatepark – Sylvan Lake, AB: The long awaited Sylvan Lake Skatepark is the culmination of nearly 7 years of advocacy and planning by the local skate community and department of Parks and Recreation. Located in Four Seasons Park, the facility features nearly 9,000 sqft of modern street and transition terrain complimented by a large central green island and series of distinct nautical / lakeside influenced custom sculptural features.

Optimist Skatepark – Sylvan Lake, AB

Optimist Skatepark – Sylvan Lake, AB

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK: The Yorkton Skate Plaza was developed as a direct result of a mobilized local advocacy group (who successfully secured a $100,000 Aviva grant), a supportive municipal administration, and an entire community united to make a difference after the Town was ravaged by a major flash flood in 2010. Now complete and open to the public, the innovative skate plaza and flow bowl serves as a gateway to the new Brodie Avenue multiuse, multigenerational recreation corridor.

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK

Yorkton Skatepark – Yorkton, SK

Drayton Valley Skatepark - Drayton Valley, AB:The new Drayton Valley skatepark promises to be a welcome stop on Western Canada’s emerging modern skatepark network. The park features a wide variety of custom concrete plaza, flow and bowl terrain punctuated by a large integrated green space and a selection of thoughtful sculptural elements inspired by the area’s rich history and culture. Obstacles of particular note include the ‘Oil Derrick’ manual block, ‘Saw Blade’ bank wall, and expansive transitioned fun track that weaves around the park’s central planted island. The park is finished off with a number of viewing areas and picnic tables – providing an inviting environment for all visitors.

West Grande Praire Skate Plaza - Grande Prairie, AB: The West Grande Prairie Skate Plaza illustrates what’s possible when a modest project budget is utilized creatively through a collaborative with skatepark design-build experts and the local community. The Plaza includes a selection of modern 'street' features combined with integrated transition elements and a special custom skateable art feature based on the City’s long-standing association with the Trumpeter Swan.

September 18, 2012

New Line Skateparks Webstore Open

After years of requests, we're happy to announce that our 'New Line Gear' webstore is now open for business! At present, we have three styles of hoodies (in two colours) as well as a handful of t-shirt designs.

Access the store from this link. We'll be adding items in the near future so check back often.

June 01, 2012

New Parks From East to West

Summer is not "officially" upon us yet but we've completed several significant projects already this season.

Waterloo, ON is now home to a brand new 10,000 sqft facility in the Father David Bauer Skatepark. It's one of the first parks to feature our custom "skate benches".

Vancouver, BC has a new skate spot in the Mount Pleasant area. The Mount Pleasant Skate Spot is the perfect place to warm up, maintain skills, or just spend the day skating a mellow spot.

The Planchodrome Dieppe Skatepark features a beatiful bowl along with some ledges and other street features which made up a significant expansion of the existing park in Dieppe, NB.

On June 21st the lake community of Sylvan Lake, AB will celebrate the grand opening of their very first outdoor concrete skatepark. Check out the park profile for more details and Skateparktour for opening details.

Father David Bauer Skate Plaza - Waterloo, ON

Mount Pleasant Skate Spot - Vancouver, BC

Dieppe Skatepark - Dieppe, NB

Sylvan Lake Skatepark - Sylvan Lake, AB

May 01, 2012

New Line Skateparks is Hiring

Are you passionate about skateboarding and youth friendly spaces? Are you creative and/or good with your hands? We're hiring experienced welders, concrete finishers, carpenters, registered engineers, and landscape architects.

The 2012 construction season is upon us and we're busy. If you are interested in working for the leading skatepark design and construction firm, e-mail your resume to


February 03, 2012

World's First Major University Campus Skatepark Coming to UBC

The University of British Columbia has commissioned New Line Skateparks and van der Zalm + associates to develop a modern concrete skatepark on their campus.

We're very proud to be part of this landmark project. "Vancouver is already known as a mecca for skateboarding - the fact that the UBC campus will have a skatepark is a testament to that," says Trevor Morgan, New Line vice president.

Set along the lush Pacific coastline, the UBC campus already has spectacular views of the ocean as well as the mountains. Having a skatepark on site will only enhance the scenery and campus life experience.

Skateparks on campus - one more reason to stay in school!

Kensignton Park Skate Spot - One of Vancouver's many unique public skateparks

December 17, 2011

Southern Hospitality: Conroe, TX

The Kasmiersky Wheeled Sports Plaza in Conroe, TX is now open!!!

Enjoy a scenic skate/ride at this ~15,000 sqft plaza and bowl area nestled within a beautiful wooded section of Kasmiersky Park. The distinct plaza section is a street skater's dream with a roof-top ledge, saw-blade bank, hubbas, a fun track, and a collection of gap and ledge variations. The bowl complex is chalk-full of features as well.  Two separate bowls (modern pool and flow) include a marquee 'train tunnel' keyhole, extensive pool coping, wedding cake steps, extensions, pockets, custom tile and more! To top it off, the unique blend of historical railway and timber theming, local lime stone block, native plantings and coloured concrete make this one of the most compelling and aesthetically pleasing parks in the State!

A big thanks to our partners at SPA Skateparks for another amazing collaborative effort on this landmark community facility!

December 12, 2011

Canada's Only Indoor Concrete Bowl Now Complete!

The Edge Skatepark, part of the Youth for Christ "Centre for Excellence" now boasts the only skatepark of its kind in Canada. Located at the corner of Main St. and Higgins St. in downtown Winnipeg, MB, the park is a welcome addition to the city's already extensive outdoor concrete skatepark network.

A concrete bowl with three sections is sure to draw in skaters from the cold prairie winters. Depths range from 5-7 feet; the mini-ramp and pocket sections are suited to novice and experienced skaters.

Frank Daniello explored the construction in detail for


The bowl. Photo by Cam Nikkel

Hubbas and rail. Photo by Cam Nikkel

November 25, 2011

Steelpark, Hudiksvall and Helsingor

Our three latest Scandinavian projects were wrapped in time to be shredded hard before winter!

Steelpark in Lulea, Sweden is over 14,000 sqft of custom concrete blended with reclaimed steel arranged as skateable sculptures. The steel honours Lulea's industrial heritage and the concept was developed by Finnish Element pro, Janne Saario. Steelpark Blog provided the photos throughout the entire construction.

Hudiksvall, Sweden's new park is about 15,000 sqft. A true 'skate plaza' the park is made up of ledges, manny pads, rails, gaps, and hubbas. It also has some quarter pipes, hips, and an open mini-ramp section. We're thankful for the great photos from

After two Swedish projects, we made our way over to Denmark to work with Rune Glifberg and Ebbe Lykke on the Helsingor Multipark. As can be seen from the photo below, the park is nearly an endless amount of transition with bumps, quarter pipes, extensions, hips, and a large vert wall. Thanks to Bitchslap Mag for the photos.


Steelpark - Lulea, Sweden

Steelpark - Lulea, Sweden

Hudiksvall, Sweden

Helsingor, Denmark

November 22, 2011

Mountain Paradise Coming to Nelson, BC

With the help the help of the Kootenay Lake Outdoor Society, we've been working on a versatile mix of bowl, plaza, and snake run inspired terrain.

When complete this park will feature over 15,000 sqft of obstacles, including a 'skull bowl', ledges, stairs, rails, as well as features that reference some local flavour such as the 'Kokanee Salmon Run' banked ditch' and 'Elephant Mountain' quarter pipe wall.

The Nelson Skatepark promises to be a reward for citizens of Nelson who have been working hard towards its completion -- it's been in the works for nearly a decade!



October 20, 2011

Fall Fury - Lacombe and Sylvan Lake Skateparks

Lacombe Skatepark now complete and open!

With nearly 13,000 square feet of custom ledges, rails, stairs, hips, banks, gaps, and a boomerang shaped bowl, the new Lacombe Skatepark promises to deliver large!  The design was inspired by a collection of historical structures found within Lacombe as well as a variety of elements from other famous urban landscapes around the world.  Two signature features include the‘Flat-Iron Building’ manual pad and ‘Blacksmith Shop’ tranny pocket. Both obstacles pay homage to Lacombe’s rich history while also serving as compelling skateable elements.  See the park profile for more finished photos and project details.

A'knock-out' combination of our hardworking Alberta crew and favourable fall weather allowed for completion several weeks ahead of schedule. The Lacombe Globe was on hand to document the soft opening in mid-October but the official grand opening is slated for June 2012.  Keep posted for additional details!

Sylvan Lake, AB's new skatepark is beginning to take shape!

Crews have been busy executing earthworks, forming, and as a much concrete as weather will allow. Taking full advantage of the extended 2011 build season, locals and visitors alike can look forward to early opening in 2012.  Check out the latest facility rendering below.

August 20, 2011

A Pearl on "The Rock"

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland is home the Canadian Maritimes' latest skatepark! Refer to the park profile for more photos and information.

July 18, 2011

Eighth Street Skatepark Now Open

After many months of lobbying, planning, and construction, the Toronto area has a new park. Eighth Street Skatepark is located at the corner of Birmingham and Eighth Street in Etobicoke, ON. View the park profile for more photos and videos.

June 22, 2011

Highly Anticipated Chuck Bailey Youth Park Now Complete!

Just completed and open to the public, Chuck Bailey Youth Park is already turning heads in the international skateboarding community.  The park is undoubtedly one of the most advanced skate facilities in North America in terms of concrete technology, forming, finishing, and design.  Through an extensive public process, local users were invited to contribute ideas and priorities for youth park terrain.  The resulting park, includes a rich tapestry of public art, integrated landscaping, and earthwork forming, as well as built elements in concrete, steel and granite.  A full profile of the facility is available following the pictures below... ENJOY!!!

June 15, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas!

The saying goes, "Don't Mess with Texas" and this holds true when it comes to the sheer volume of skatepark development slated for Texas in 2011.

Austin's House Park Skate Plaza is now open and taking the State by storm. The downtown location of the park and integration of local art is a first for Austin. See current photos below (thanks to Skaters for Public Skateparks for many of the images)

Projects in Travis County, Conroe, and McKinney are all in the development phase but are scheduled for completion this year.  Check back soon for updates! 

Austin House Park - View to Bowl Deck

Austin House Park - Bowl Overview

Austin House Park - Grand Opening

Austin House Park - Grand Opening Ceremony

Austin House Park - Wave Sculpture

Austin House Park - Wallride Gap

Austin House Park - Night Vista

Austin House Park - Tech Area

NE Metro (Travis County) Rendering - Opening Fall 2011

June 06, 2011

A Summer of Scandinavian Skateparks!

We have a few projects on the go in Scandinavia. The first is the soon to be complete Steel Park in Lulea, Sweden. With a design led by Finnish pro skater, JANNE SAARIO, this will be one of our most unique parks to date due to the extensive recycled steel sculptures used in the park. It will be ready in the Summer of 2011. Keep on top of the development with the Steel Park Blog.

Continuing in Sweden, we head to Hudiksvall, where we designed a 14,000 sqft street plaza. The plaza includes a number of diverse lines down stairs, rails, and ledges for pure street skaters, and some unique minramp planters for those on the hunt for interesting transition terrain. To top it off, a custom "letter H" cut out will call out the city, while also doubling as a skateable gap to ledge.

Helsingor, Denmark is only a quick jump away. We're taking care of the detailed design documents and construction on this park.

As always, check back for photos and information regarding completion dates.

May 25, 2011

Vancouver Plaza Renovations

To celebrate New Line Skateparks' 10th anniversary, we're doing some renovations at the Vancouver Skate Plaza. The brick bank/hip, granite ledges, and landings will be redone.

The Plaza is internationally known as one of the first ever "skate plazas"-- a truly successful transformation from an underutilized parcel of land into one of the busiest skateparks in the country.

In honour of our 10 years as a skatepark firm, we'll also be installing a few surprise goodies. The additions and renovations should be complete by mid Summer 2011.

Photo by Frank Daniello,

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

May 13, 2011

Chuck Bailey Grand Opening - May 28th

Arguably the most anticipated Canadian skatepark opening of 2011, Chuck Bailey Youth Park in Surrey, BC has already garnered attention from both national and international media.

Work on the this landmark development is nearly complete. The skatepark boasts an expansive modern plaza area and fully covered 5,000 square foot bowl!  The stunning cantilevered roof structure will compliment a collection of local art installations amidst 30,00 square feet of total recreation space.

Please join us for the grand opening of this cutting-edge facility on May 28th from 11AM-2PM. The address of the recreation centre centre is 13458 107A Avenue in Surrey, BC.

Grand opening poster

Nearly completed bowl construction

April 25, 2011

Amherst, NS: New Park for Maritimes!

The town of Amherst, NS will soon be home to the newest site-built concrete skatepark in the Maritimes! Weather cooperating, the park should be complete and open to the public before the end of May. The project was a rewarding collaboration between our design-build team and local community and is sure to be a welcome addition to the NS skatepark network.

Click here for a recent story on the park from the Amherst Daily News and see below for quick a render view of the project.  Construction photos and directions to the park can be found on our park profile page.  Stay tuned for more info on the official grand opening.

April 13, 2011

Austin, TX's House Park Skate/BMX Plaza Nears Completion!

Austin, TX will soon be home to the Region’s first downtown plaza and modern bowl unit designed by New Line Skateparks specifically for the skate and BMX community.  The $1.2 Million project is the result of a truly grass roots initiative, involving the ongoing lobby and oversight of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee and other passionate community volunteers and advocates.  At approximately 30,000 sqft, the project includes an expansive urban plaza and stand alone bowl unit detailed with various skateable art and sculpture installations created in collaboration with local Austin artists.  Design development included multiple public workshops with an average attendance of 70+ members of the community.  Check out a couple pics of the construction progress (undertaken by CA Skateparks with local GC, Prism) to date and keep posted to our site for details on the grand opening date and event schedule.

Thanks to for the photos.

February 14, 2011

Queensborough All-Wheel Park Ready to Roll...

The skatepark portion of Queensborough All-Wheel Park in New Westminster, BC is complete and ready to skate.

While the facility weaves obstacle, bowl, and street elements in one central configuration, this is not your traditional skatepark. Its drainage ditch inspired design lends itself to endless lines and effortless flow - as fast or as slow as you choose. Unique features include the 'warped hip bridge bench', 'tombstone bank launch' for blasting large airs, 'roof top quarter pipes', and stunning custom rock work throughout the park.

The BMX jumps and sculptural steel full-pipe will open in the Spring of 2011.  Check back here or refer to our Facebook page.  for the latest updates.

Located at 920 Ewan Avenue in New Westminster, BC, the facility is adjacent to the Queensborough Community Centre.

Click here for a great video showcasing the large hip, shortly after opening.

December 31, 2010

Lots of Spots! Vaughan, ON Getting Dotted with Parks

The City of Vaughan, ON is coming through on their skatepark strategy in a huge way. They've commissioned New Line Skateparks to design and build a network of 'skate spots' throughout their city.

The communities of Hillside, Twelve Oaks, and Jack Pine now have their own neighbourhood skate spots, measuring between 3,000 - 4,000 square feet and costing under $100,000 each.  Designs marry art and skateablity within the very limited circular footprints provided to our development team.  The result is a collection of compelling, low-impact skate enviornments within close reach of the neighbourhood skater.

All three spots will be fully open come Spring 2011. Refer to each project's individual profile page for more details including exact locations.


Jack Pine


October 26, 2010

'Check-In' to Brandon, MB's Kristopher Campbell Skate Plaza!

‘Check-In’ to Brandon MB’s Kristopher Campbell Skate Plaza!

After a Summer of tough weather in the region, Brandon MB's Kristopher Campbell Skate Plaza is now open and turning heads across the country! 

Located in the heart of Downtown Brandon, the Plaza consists of a carefully detailed 20,000 sqft skateable landscape built directly over the original foundation of the City’s historic King Edward Hotel. Alongside a myriad of compelling ‘real street’ inspired features, columns along the plaza perimeter mirror those of the original building while major areas contained within the park take on the names of key rooms once housed inside the hotel.  Plaza architecture continues to tell the site’s story’ by way of overhead trellis/shade structures detailed with a ‘railway’ theme.


Now open and busy with youth and spectators from all walks of life, the completion of the project serves as a fitting tribute to Kristopher and a compelling model for urban renewal based on an understanding of where a city has come from and how the challenges of the past may be turned into opportunities for the future.   


Design of the project was undertaken by New Line Skateparks in conjunction in partnership with van der Zalm + associates and Scatliff + Miller + Murray.  Our team would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this landmark project a reality.

The park is fully skateable now but check back for grand opening celebration information, slated for Spring 2011. Ride it while the weather holds!

Thanks to Cam Nikkel for the great photos from the park's "unofficial opening" this past weekend.


October 23, 2010

Chuck Bailey Youth Park - another ‘first’ for Canadian skateboarding

Chuck Bailey Youth Park - another ‘first’ for Canadian Skateboarding

New Line Skateparks - Surrey, BC, October 23, 2010


The Chuck Bailey Youth Park (Surrey, BC) will boast Canada’s first purpose-built covered outdoor skate plaza and bowl complex.  Located directly adjacent to the acclaimed Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, the landmark development will cover just under 30,000 square feet of space, including a 6,500 square foot sport court, local art installations and an architecturally stunning roof structure that will cover over 5,000 square feet of world-class skateable terrain.


Skateable features will include a balanced mix of detailed obstacles ranging from custom ‘sliced bolder’ manual blocks to a transitioned vertical monolith that will act as skateable signage for the park’s main entry.  However, the most sought after feature will undoubtedly be the expansive covered bowl unit which flows directly from the central plaza and provides users with a dry location to skate during the region’s many rainy periods.


With construction just getting started, the announcement of the project has already attracted considerable media attention from across the Nation, setting a new precedent for what’s possible in the development of skateable public spaces.


Keep posted for more photos and updates as our team constructs the park!

October 18, 2010

Queensborough All-Wheel Park Under Construction!

Queensborough All-Wheel Park Under Construction!

New Line Skateparks October 18, 2010 - New Westminster, BC


The completion of Queensborough All-Wheel Park (New Westminster, BC) has Metro Vancouver skaters and BMX on the edge of their seats. The park not only will not only include a unique 12,500 square foot concrete skatepark, but will also become home to a 13,500 square foot BMX dirt-jump track.


The skatepark design found inspiration from industrial drainage ditches that are often seen in skate media and are typically great places for skateboarding. The ‘ditch’ is located centrally within the facility and includes banked walls, quarter pipes and bowl sections that will allow for effortless flow around the park. The 'ditch' is complimented by coping sections, extensions and gaps as well a number of sculptural features around the park’s perimeter. A spectator viewing space with shade structures and custom shotcrete boulder seats has also been included for onlookers to stay comfortable and safe when watching the action.  Just adjacent, will sit a large BMX dirt jump course designed with input from Professional BMX rider Jay Miron. The track will consist of beginner, intermediate and expert lines and will include a primary drop-in, numerous bermed corners and rhythmic jump sections.


New Line crews have now commenced construction. Look to ride Metro Vancouver’s newest all-wheel destination in early 2011!

October 17, 2010

Stevens Point, WI Skatepark – A Testament to Community Spirit!

Stevens Point, WI Skatepark – A Testament to Community Spirit!

New Line Skateparks - Stevens Point, WI, October 22, 2010


Stevens Point, WI - In the Spring of 2009, the Steven’s Point Skatepark Committee formally retained New Line Skateparks for the design of the community’s first modern concrete skatepark.  It was a big step at the time, with limited community support and a significant amount of project funding still outstanding.  However, the committee’s hard work and determination was not lost for a minute – with grass roots fundraising events, a community education drive, numerous grant applications, and a successful Face Book campaign pushing the project forward thereafter.  The result: earlier this month (October 2010), Steven’s Point skaters’ dreams became a reality with the entire community celebrating the completion of the park (with the help of some excellent construction work by CA Skateparks).  The official grand opening is scheduled for Nov 4th - keep posted for details!


Congrats to John, Jami and the entire Committee for an amazing project effort and gorgeous new park! 


Picture below from Stevens Point Skatepark Facebook:


October 01, 2010

Olds, AB Centennial Park Skate Plaza

Olds, Alberta is now home to approximately 10,000 sqft of concrete bliss!  The safety fences are now down just in time for some brisk fall sessions within one of the Province's top community parks.  Check out the park profile for more photos, videos and other park info.

August 28, 2010

Chinook Winds Skatepark now open - Airdrie AB

The long-anticipated Chinook Winds Skatepark in Airdrie, AB is now open and ready to ride.  Southern Alberta skaters are stoked to have approximately 20,000 square feet of plaza space tied into a lightening fast snake run and adjacent modern clover bowl.  A big thanks to the Airdrie Extreme Athletics Association, City of Airdrie and our partners at VDZ INC and Stantec for an incredible team effort to deliver an outstanding project. 

Check out our Facebook page for more photos and video of the park!

The grand opening event was well attended with the Mayor and Skatepark Committee cutting the ribbon to officially open the park. The snake run, bowl, and street course were equally used by skaters of all ages.  Demos, product tosses and best-trick competitions rounded out the day, leaving everyone smiling ear to ear!

Here are some photos and video links from the event:
(thanks to JDub Photographic for the images)


August 19, 2010

A Very Busy Summer

From grand openings (over 20 amazing parks this year) to pro comps and demos, there are a ton of events going down at our parks this Summer and Fall. Keep up to date on the latest by 'liking us' on Facebook or following our team on Twitter.

...And if you are organizing events at a New Line park, we'd like to hear about it!  E-mail us and we'll be sure to help spread the good word.

Thanks to Cam Nikkel, Dave Bloom, JDub, and Owen Woytowich for shooting the photos shown below.

Ipath pro Steve Nesser ollies at Michael Komenda Memorial


Joe Merasty FS Flip at Prince Albert skatepark

Paul Trep wins RDS Skins game at the Vancouver Plaza

Kensington Park (East Vancouver) opening

Chinook Winds (Airdrie, AB) grand opening

July 05, 2010

Pool Party - Kensington Park, Vancouver

Months of buzz became a reality this July 4th as Western Canada's first legitimate pool style bowl opened in Vancouver's Historic Kensington Park!

Enjoy our latest addition to Vancouver's world renowned skatepark system, located at the corner of Dumfries and E 37th Streets. The grand opening will be held on July 17th. Read more about it in The Province.

June 28, 2010

Umea, Sweden!

The skaters of Umea, Sweden have some new home turf! The Umea Skate Plaza contains a large modern bowl unit, expansive linear plaza area , and 'under viaduct' miniramp complex spread over approximately 20,000 sqft of urban riverside real estate.  Add to this a state of the art LED lighting scheme, plenty of colour, texture, art... and you have one of Europe's finest!  The plaza opened with an official ribbon cutting followed by some serious ceremonial ripping! Photos below courtesy of Evelina.

June 24, 2010

Boerne, TX Grand Opening

Phase one of the new Boerne Skate Plaza is now complete!  The quilt-work inspired design nestles seamlessly into the surrounding tree-lined hill country site.  Already jam packed and stamped for approval by Boerne locals, this is a one of a kind must skate street destination on your next road trip.  If you are in the area, please attend the grand opening on Saturday, June 26th. Information below:


June 02, 2010

Rob Dyrdek Foundation's Sunland Skate Plaza Begins Construction

Construction of the nearly 40,000 sqft destination plaza in Sunland Park, NM is now underway after almost 2 years of advocacy and fundraising by the local skate community!  Designed by New Line Skateparks in partnership with Rob Dyrdek/The Rob Dyrdek Foundation, the plaza will serve as one of the Nation's largest high-profile street skating venues upon completion.  Below are a handful of renderings of the development -- check back soon for more information on this landmark project!


May 20, 2010

Play Rwanda Initiative

New Line Skateparks' President, Kyle Dion is going to Rwanda to build a playground for the youth of Kigali. Here's an exerpt from the note he sent out recently:

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I first went to Rwanda with a group of people from Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited and had my life changed forever. Following this initial trip we started Play Rwanda with the idea of changing kids lives by building epic places to play that will give amazing kids very needed play and developmental opportunities at a school in the capital city Kigali. We've also spent some time renovating classrooms, setting up a kitchen and organizing sponsorships in the school, which is part of the Rwandan organization that we partnered with to do the work. During the past year we have solidified our relationship with the Rwandan locals, and have pledged our ongoing support and help in furthering their work with the children of the community.

And here's where my ask and your part comes in!

If you take the time to watch the attached YouTube video links, you will get a taste of what we have planned for this year. As you'll see, New Line has undertaken the design and construction of what should be the best play park in Rwanda. Our hope is that we will inspire the next generation of Rwandans to swing, climb and jump to new heights.

I want to ask you to consider helping me make this project become a reality. We set out with a goal to raise $35,000 to make this projects happen and are over half way there. We still need to raise $12,500 to be able to fully fund the construction and time is short as we need to transfer the funds in mid June so we can be building in July. If we are able to reach the goal, we will be able to send you pictures in the future of the approximately 600 smiling kids in the school making good use of the facility.

If we are able to raise more than that we plan on leaving the extra behind, to be used in the feeding program we have helped set up. As the video tells, we have been able to provide a hot meal every day to the kids, to ensure that the bellies provide the nourishment the brains need to absorb the learning. 

Please give me a couple more minutes, grab a coffee, and have a look at what we are involved in:

Play Rwanda Video

Update Video

Any gift you give will be so appreciated and every gift over $10 earns a Canadian tax receipt.   

Giving is really simple and you can do it on line at the link below or through the post at the address below. Please put a note in the comment box that it is for the play park project.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made out to Youth Unlimited and noted for the play park projects support to:

Youth Unlimited
115-12975 84Ave
BC V3W 1B3

For those of you that have already contributed, thank you so much for your support. For those of you that have pledged to support this project, I just want to send a friendly reminder that the money can’t be counted towards the project until it’s in the bank account!

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this. I hope you will be as inspired by this story as I am.




Kyle Dion

A rendering of the future playground

May 12, 2010

Spryfield, NS Park Complete

The community of Spryfield, NS is now home to a brand new park. Check out the park profile for details.

March 30, 2010

Marina Park Skate Plaza wins PRO Award

Our Marina Park Skate Plaza in Thunder Bay, ON is the recipient of Parks & Recreation Ontario's (PRO) Excellence in Design Award. See article below from

Skateboard/BMX Plaza Receives Award for Excellence in Design

March 18, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay’s Skateboard/BMX Plaza has earned a 2010 Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Excellence in Design Award. The PRO committee, Board Members and staff were extremely impressed with the contributions the Skateboard/BMX Plaza has made to the community.

“This is such an exciting milestone for the local skateboard and BMX community,” said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “This plaza is a testament to what hard work and community involvement can accomplish, and it has the potential to become a destination spot for skateboarding enthusiasts across the country.”

The Excellence in Design Award will be presented next month at the PRO Conference in Niagara Falls.  Myles Cizmar, Supervisor of Community Recreation, along with two members of the Thunder Bay Skatepark Coalition, will be in attendance to receive the Award on behalf of the City.

“I can’t think of a project that is more deserving of this award,” said David Tranter, Skateboard Coalition member and advocate of youth activities in Thunder Bay. “The skateboard/bmx plaza embodies all of the attributes that make for outstanding public spaces, and represents an exciting and hopeful new chapter in Thunder Bay’s development.”

The Skateboard/BMX Plaza, covering approximately 25,000 square feet, was the result of considerable community consultation and public involvement, spearheaded by the City of Thunder Bay’s Recreation & Culture Division and the Thunder Bay Skateboard Coalition. It is also a casual socializing space, set within a vibrant landscape designed to capture the spirit of Thunder Bay’s Waterfront.

The award recognizes high standards of planning, design, and community involvement, quality of aesthetics, usability, accessibility and versatility.


March 19, 2010

Cedar Park, Texas Completed!

Check out the Brushy Creek Skatepark in Cedar Park, Texas!!! Phase one of this landmark project is now complete.  Keep posted for more updates.

February 02, 2010

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November 10, 2009

Construction Complete in Odessa Texas!

The Ruben Pier Memorial Skatepark, located within Sherwood Park in Odessa, Texas is now open! Construction was completed in October 2009 with the help of our friends at SPA Skateparks and the park looks amazing. Check the Ruben Pier Memorial Skatepark Page for more information on the park including pictures and description.

October 25, 2009

New Park in London, ON!

The new park in London, Ontario was recently completed. Check the park project page for more information on the park including pictures, description, and video.

September 25, 2009

Fantasy Factory featured in SBC Skateboard and Concrete Skateboarding

The Spring 2009 issue of SBC Skateboard Magazine and the April 2009 issue of Concrete Skateboarding both have articles about New Line and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Read the articles below:

Dyrdek + New Line = The Fantasy Factory Plaza
Concrete Skateboarding magazine, Vol.2, #99 (April ‘09), p.92
words: Frank Daniello  

Prior to a working relationship developing between Rob Dyrdek and New Line Skateparks, it’s doubtful that Kyle Dion ever thought his park design skills would eventually find their way onto the set of
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory – MTV’s second series featuring the DC Pro.
Dyrdek’s alignment with the Metro Vancouver-based skatepark outfit began when his initial push to get quality skate plazas built in the US exposed him to some of New Line’s advanced projects in Canada.
“It started when Rob came up to skate the Vancouver plaza just after the Kettering, Ohio plaza had opened,” explains Dion, President of New Line Skateparks Inc. “Kettering was marked as the first skate plaza, which was great for the movement, but the Vancouver one was actually done about a year before that, in 2003. He’d also heard about The Forks in Winnipeg after it just opened in 2006, because all these Pros were talking about it.”
Dyrdek was able to spend a lot of time developing the Kettering design, and he wanted the whole plaza movement to evolve further. However, once he got involved with MTV’s Rob & Big, he couldn’t balance the full-time commitment that being a skatepark designer requires. In 2006, Dyrdek was doing some consulting on a large-scale plaza in Sunland Park, New Mexico ­– a project that called upon New Line’s design expertise.
“We just came in and made it completely skateable,” says Dion. “After that process, Rob was pretty sold on us and it led to another plaza project in Santiago, Chile. DC distributors from around the world started contacting DC and asking about this plaza foundation [Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation]. The way the foundation works is the municipality raises money for the project locally, and the foundation provides a New Line design for the project. We’re helping to push the vision of the plaza outside of the foundation as well, and they’re helping to push us. It’s a pretty good relationship.”
With a collaborative partnership in place and some successful skatepark projects already established, there was a natural inclination for Dyrdek to involve Dion and Trevor Morgan (Vice President of New Line) when the Fantasy Factory’s development timeline reached the hyper-speed levels of “T-Rex” – Dyrdek’s three-wheeled superbike.
“The idea for the show was that Rob wanted to create a place where he was basically like Willy Wonka and makes all his dreams come true. We started talking in September ’08,” Dion explains. “I literally flew down to LA, and we locked ourselves in a room for 14 hours to work out a design. Construction on the concrete plaza started like a week later and California Skateparks got involved. Probably from when Rob and I had the initial discussion, they were filming four weeks later. It was crazy. His office structure in the Fantasy Factory was actually designed by a production person from MTV, so we kind of worked off that. The plaza has integrated landscaping, and the colours and textures that were chosen turned out really well. Since the floor is concrete, we built the plaza up on these big styrofoam blocks. Rob’s office is raised since it has a garage underneath for his T-Rex car thing, and a spiral staircase leads up. He also wanted to be able to skate directly out of his office, so the plaza flows out from there.”






SBC Skateboard Magazine Spring 2009


September 21, 2009

New Park in Vaxjo, Sweden

New Line's latest international project is complete. The 10,000 square foot park in Vaxjo, Sweden opened last week and the local skaters are thrilled. Check the park profile for more photos and details. The official grand opening was on September 19th. Also check out for more photos like the ones below. Click here for video of the event featuring the Streetlab team.

September 08, 2009

Canmore Skatepark Now Open!

The Canmore Skatepark is open and ready to shred. There will be a grand opening on September 19th. The Town of Canmore's website will have more information soon. Check our videos page for a nice HD clip of the park.

July 28, 2009

C1RCA Team in Winnipeg at Komenda Park

Last week, members of the C1RCA team came to the Michael Komenda Memorial Skatepark in Winnipeg to celebrate the release of Tony Tave's pro model shoe. Magnus Hanson, Sierra Fellers, and Tony Tave all ripped in the park's first major event. Check the photos below and the video here. Most photos by Cam Nikkel.

July 20, 2009

Callingwood Plaza in Edmonton is Open!

The Callingwood Plaza in Edmonton, AB is open and ready to rip! Check the photos below and our videos page for some coverage. The Red Dragon team will be doing a demo there on July 30th.

July 15, 2009

Seattle Center Sea SK8 Open!

The Seattle Center Sea SK8 park is now open! A good mix of street and transition sent the locals into a frenzy on opening day. Did we mention there are skateable sculptures and a glass wallride?!! Check out the photos below. Thanks to Seattle Skateparks.

June 30, 2009

Canada's First Pool Opens in Thunder Bay

The final phase of the Marina Park Skate Plaza in Thunder Bay, ON is fully skateable and features Canada's first concrete pool-style bowl in a skatepark setting. The grand opening was held on June 27th and was attended by many local skaters, media, and spectators. Skate teams from Vancouver (Antisocial) and Winnipeg (Green Apple) also made the trip to enjoy this one of a kind park.
Special thanks to our finishing crew: Nick Dion, Colin Dion, Brent Eftoda, and Jeff Doll for making this pool perfect.
Click on this link to watch a video of the pool session: pool video link


June 23, 2009

Monke Skateboards King of Concrete / Irie on the Island Tour and Comp

The crew from Monke Skateboards is hitting some of BC's best parks this summer!
First on the agenda is King of the Concrete, a skate competition that is open to all. It's being held at the Thomas Haney Plaza in Maple Ridge on June 25th. Check the poster below for more details.
From there the team meets up with the Kitsch posse and heads out to the Island for a little tour. They'll be hitting Vic West, Nanaimo, and Campbell River parks, among others. There is a poster with all the dates and times below.

June 16, 2009

DC Nationals set to hit 5 New Line parks in 2009

Summer is finally here and with it comes skate competitions! This year's DC Nationals series of competitions will be held at several New Line parks across Canada. The Winnipeg qualifier was held at the Plaza at The Forks on June 13th. Cochrane is hosting on June 27th and the Railside Park in Port Coquitlam goes down on July 4th. Regina's competition is on July 11th at the Regina Skate Plaza. See for more information. Here's a video from the competition at the Plaza at The Forks.

June 03, 2009

City of El Mirage Skate Plaza Complete

The City of El Mirage is now home to Arizona's first skate plaza! Read more about the project and view more photos of the completed plaza here. The park will open this summer so watch for details.

May 26, 2009

New York Times Features Ed Bendict Plaza

The New York Times  asked New Line's Kyle Dion about the environmentally-friendly features of our newly constructed Ed Benedict skatepark in Portland, OR. Click the link above for the article or read the text below:

Skateparks Start to Go Green

The recently opened Ed Benedict skatepark in Portland, Ore., offers some unusual sights: Trees. And plants. And rocks. And dirt.
Young men jump and tumble on the concrete ramps, gliding around the small patch of nature.
“Most skateparks in Oregon don’t have, like, trees or plants,” said Diego Lopez, an 18-year-old local, as he sat on a ledge watching the action (he had rolled his ankle a few days before).
The park, he added, “looks like a real Portland spot.”
Like this one in Portland, which opened in February, a handful of skateparks around the country are built with the environment in mind. Some incorporate recycled materials, like the pioneering Green Skate Lab that opened in Washington, D.C. a few years ago and makes use of old tires.
But often, especially in rainy areas like the Pacific Northwest, the goal is better management of the water that can cascade off the concrete during a storm. The Portland park’s two “bio filtration islands” help the water to re-enter the ground more gradually.
“It’s not a massive amount of water compared to parking lots and roads,” said Kyle Dion, the president and owner of New Line Skateparks, which designed the Portland park.
Still, he added, “It’s all about finding a balance between the natural environment and the built or developed environment.” Skaters also like the “gaps and obstacles,” he noted.
Adding environmentally friendly features is not always easy. It often costs more, and “concrete isn’t the greenest thing to be involved in,” observed Colby Carter, who handles marketing for California Skateparks, which built the Portland park.
But Mr. Dion said that since the Portland park — one of his company’s first — had been built it had sparked interest elsewhere. “Now that we’ve done it, every single community is interested,” he said.

April 25, 2009

Faith-based youth camp private park nears completion!

A private park at a youth camp on Vancouver Island is nearly complete! The park features a wide variety of modern street and bowl terrain linked together by a lightning fast 'boardercross' style skate path through the site's surrounding old growth forest -- a truly one of a kind park and a seriously unreal skate experience! Other characteristics of this unique park include the dynamic colouring of the park's features and transitions, 'euro gap', and and endless options for flowing lines.
Not only is this park a 'must skate' but it will serve as Canada's first modern concrete skatepark in a private summer camp setting.

February 24, 2009

First Dyrdek Safe Skate Spot opens in Downtown LA!

On Tuesday the movement continued in Los Angeles as Skate Plaza visionary Rob Dyrdek opened the world's first Safe Spot, Skate Spot at Lafayette Recreational Park. A thousand kids were joined by LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, camera news crews and reporters, a Fuel TV crew, and magazine reps. The locals, their families, the DC team and the industry were all on hand for the opening of skateboarding's newest landmark, and the start of the era of the Safe Spot Skate Spot.

In early 2008, New Line Skateparks began working alongside Rob Dyrdek to expand the Plaza Foundation's offerings to include a program that would specifically reach out to communities with limited budgets and/or space restrictions.  The result was the creation of the Safe Spot Skate Spot Urban Renewal Development Program – and as of February 24, 2009 - the completion of Downtown LA’s first legitimate site-built concrete Skate Spot in Lafayette Park!  The park was constructed in less than 4 weeks by our friends at California Skateparks - thanks guys.  Read the full story below courtesy of DCSHOES.COM

The opening ceremonies began around three o'clock as Dyrdek got L.A. city council members up on his giant skateboard (the largest one ever made) for a little ride across the spot. It was pretty crazy to see Dyrdek, simply a great skateboarder and business owner to most of us, riding a skateboard and rubbing elbows with the mayor of one of the biggest cities in the world. Dyrdek has reached a new level for real.

Then came the welcoming speeches. In his, Dyrdek reinforced his long-term goal of making many more spots just like Lafayette all over the city of Los Angeles. Thanks to the cooperation of the city, this is the first legal street skateboarding spot of many. He said, "This is the future of the sport. We are not trying to over build and force features into a space, but creating a handful of obstacles in a place we call a spot."

Ribbon cutting was next, and Dyrdek joined LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to slice the red ribbon. The spot was officially open to the public with the sun shining but quickly setting. The kids rushed in to be among the first to session the spot, hitting the benches, stairs, handrails, and even a skateable star bank -- it's 9000 square feet of street skating in all. They'd seen it being built over the last 3 weeks from outside the fence, but Tuesday was their first real chance to skate its pristine terrain smack dab in the middle of downtown L.A.

It was a good scene to start Laffayette off right: the team, local government officials, kids and families all packing the spot to celebrate its birth. Spotted in the crowd were DC riders Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, PJ Ladd, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Greg Myers, Wes Kremer, and Marquise Henry. Also in attendance were Steve Berra, Braydon Szafranski, Giovanni Reda, and Anthony Van Engelen.

As dark fell the crowds began to disperse, with the spot open from today on as a new hub for legal street skateboarding -- no pads or tickets at this free spot. Skate it at 625 South Lafayette Park Place, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (near the intersection of Commonwealth and Wilshire).

We’ll let the grand opening pictures (below) speak for themselves… For more information on the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoe Co Plaza Foundation Plaza Foundation initiatives and how you can get involved, check out and see our featured projects section.

Rob Dyrdek and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa introduce Downtown Los Angeles' first legitimate skate spot

Wes Kremer, frontside flip to break in the Lafayette spot (photo courtesy DCSHOES.COM)

The world's largest skateboard (built by our friends CA Skateparks) makes an appearance at the grand opening celebrations!

February 13, 2009

New Line awarded Cedar Park, TX

New Line Skatepark is proud to be working with the City of Cedar Park, TX  and trusted partners, SPA Skateparks, on the much anticipated Brushy Creek Skatepark!  Design is set to begin March 2009 with construction slated to kick off mid summer.  Keep posted for the latest design and construction updates.


February 07, 2009

Ed Benedict Skate Plaza, Portland Oregon...

Portland's first legitimate skate plaza is open for business!

This distinctly organic design features approximately 16,000 square feet of skateable terrain punctuated with green channels and 2 major bio filtration islands. The project is largely recognized as Portland’s first legitimate plaza based skate facility and one of the Pacific Northwest's first ‘Green’ skatepark developments. The design was developed in close collaboration with local skater and artist, Dan Garland, and features a number of custom sculptural elements, stamp patterns and diverse material combinations.

Construction was completed by our friends at California Skateparks in early February - Thanks guys!

The facility is located at Ed Benedict Park in SE Portland at about 109th and SE Powell Blvd.

A big thanks from the New Line team to everyone who worked so hard to make this project a reality!  ENJOY!

Early action pics below from Chad Balcom,,

For more info, click here to see our feature profile on this park.

Ed Benedict Skate Plaza - photo: Chad Balcom

Super Unknown sailing the gap - photo:

photo: KILWAG

Suspended Halfpipe Entry - photo: Chald Balcom

'Tread Lightly' manual cut-out - photo: Chad Balcom

February 01, 2009

New Line teams with Rob Dyrdek and MTV for Fantasy Factory

Professional skateboarder, philanthropist and MTV star, Rob Dyrdek is at it again!  Filming is now underway for Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory - the follow up to the original hit MTV show Rob and Big.  Picture the most ridiculous, far fetched and hilarious dream you've ever had and you're on the right track for a typical episode of the new season.

The show is based out of a warehouse turned 'Fantasy Factory' in downtown LA where a custom concrete skate plaza (jointly developed with our friends at California Skateparks), basketball complex, foam pit, corporate dream office, toy machine, and bizarre celebrity encounters collide to create each new adventure.  MTV has officially announced the show premier date for February 8, 2009.  Check out the link to MTV's site for more info.

For info on other Dyrdek skate plaza initiatives with our team, see the feature on our Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation projects.

Check out the sneak peak pics of the ‘Factory’ below.

Plaza entry and Rob's office

Plaza Overview

Rob on a test run

a look inside Rob's office digs

Plaza under construction (shown Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia - Owner/Super Builder, CA Skateparks)

late night design session - Trevor Morgan, Meaty, Rob and Kyle Dion

Kyle Dion and Rob hashing the final details at the Factory

March 06, 2008

Callingwood Plaza - Edmonton, Alberta

New Line Skateparks has been selected by the City of Edmonton to begin work on the design and construction of an expansive skate plaza in the west end community of Callingwood.  Big plans are in store for the project with an emphasis on authentic urban form, unique materials detailing and a significant skateable sculpture component.  Design refinement work is scheduled to begin soon with an anticipated summer construction.  Keep posted for completed concept images soon!

Inspiration for some of the transition elements presented in the preliminary desgin - Frank Hirrata in Guadalajara.

January 06, 2008

Maritimes Madness - 4 parks set to hit construction

Martimes skaters are stoked!  4 New Line Parks have now come on line with 3 set for completion this season.  In Nova Scotia, design work is well underway in Annapolis Royal and the much awaited Truro and Fall River parks will be in the ground just in time for some Fall sessions - check out the latest design renderings and early construction pics will be posted soon.

A skip away, Canada's oldest incorporated City, Saint John NB, is days away from the final sign-off to commence construction on the region's first downtown skate plaza!  Just off the City's central harbour area, the plaza will consist of 15,000 sqft of carefully detailed terrain, most of which will be covered by massive over head vehicle bridges.  This will be a must skate on your season's end road trip!  Check out the plaza blog for pics of the latest construction progress.

Keep posted for more updates soon!

January 01, 2008

Home Park Downtown Plaza and Bowl - Austin, TX

Austin will soon be home to the Regoin’s first downtown plaza and modern bowl unit designed specifically for the skate and BMX community.  The $1.2 Million project is the result of a truly grass roots initiative, involving the ongoing lobby and oversight of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee and other passionate community volunteers and advocates.  At approximately 30,000 sqft, the project will include an expansive urban plaza and stand alone bowl complex detailed with various skateable art and sculpture installations inspired by the City’s iconic music scene.  Design development included multiple public workshops with an average attendance of 70+ members of the community.  Check out a couple pics of the workshops and some of our latest design renderings below…

January 06, 2007

New Line receives prized National Honour Award from Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

Who would have thought... skateboarding takes center stage at the Nation's top landscape architecture/urban design awards with New Line Skateparks receiving the National Honour Award for the Plaza at the Forks.  The National Honour Award represents the highest yearly recognition possible from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) – Canada’s foremost governing body for professionals involved in the design and planning of parks, open spaces, public institutions, roadways, neighborhoods and communities. 

'The Plaza at the Forks'', which was completed in collaboration with Scatliff Miller Murray - of Winnipeg, van der Zalm + associates, KGS Group and PCL Construction, has gained significant notoriety across the world over the last 8 months (see details on our Featured Projects page found here.  New Line is honored to be recognized in this category along side of some well respected firms from across Canada.

January 01, 2007

Unveiling of Forks Plaza has international skate community taking a second look...

On June 30th, exploding fireworks signaling the opening of the Forks Plaza could be heard around the world.  In merely seconds, barely an inch of surface was visible as over 6000 locals, top pros, politicians and international media rushed to experience what has been touted by many as this 'year's most anticipated grand opening in North America skateboarding’.

Covering a total area of over 44,000 square feet, the Forks consists of a meticulously detailed skateable sculpture plaza and expansive modern bowl complex tied seamlessly into the heart of downtown Winnipeg’s urban fabric.  Skateable terrain caters to virtually everyone with a myriad of real street and transition influenced features split into two main areas:

The plaza is another New Line first, not only in North America, but around the world.  To date, the level of aesthetic detailing, site integration, incorporation of sculpture and art, and positioning within the urban context is unmatched by existing skate facilities.  The Plaza is open to everyone across all generations and will soon tie directly into the entrance of the Canadian Human Rights museum.  

For more pics check out the following links:
Winnipeg Skateparks

Central Plaza - 29,000 sqft.: Inspired by prized skate spots around the world and the local arts community, the main plaza area is made up of a endless combination of stair sets, banks, rails and ledges set within a host of custom sculptures and other art pieces - the majority of which are skateable. ‘Must skates’ include the notched vert wall, the 'Magic Carpet' - a super elevated ribbon track, granite capped ledges and blocks, acid etched hip, and series of slappy ledges.

Bowl Complex: Separate and adjacent to the Central Plaza, lies an 8,500 sqft. bowl unit combining traditional pool and modern coping lines. Walls begin at 5 feet and progress through a series of hips, elevators, extensions, and a pump bump to a massive 17 foot cradle and 13 foot over vert pocket.

January 01, 2007

Canada to lead North American Plaza development in 2007

Thunder Bay, ON and Brandon, MB projects just awarded
2 new urban skate plaza's set to hit Ontario and Manitoba in 2007! New Line Skateparks has just been awarded Marina Park Skate Plaza - Thunder Bay, ON and the Downtown Brandon Skate Plaza - Brandon, MB.  With significant development budgets, premier water front and downtown sites, plans for expansive art and sculpture installations, and a commitment to creating some of the world's best skateable public space, prepare for a serious migration towards Canada's center - east.  The 2 new plaza's will join New Line's landmark Downtown Vancouver Skate Plaza and world renowned Plaza at the Forks to complete a network of world class urban skate destinations across Canada. ***STORY UNDER DEVELOPMENT - MORE TO COME SOON***

January 01, 2007

New Line Awarded Nelson BC Skate Plaza

After a long road in the planning phase, the Kootney Lake Skatepark Society has been given the green light to develop design work for an urban skate plaza and bowl unit in the downtown core of the famed mountain community.  Look out for some truly unique design detailing as Nelson will undoubtedly be showcasing it's renowned art community throughout development.  New Line will begin concept work with project partner van der Zalm + associates immediately for a planned construction window of Fall 2007/Spring 2008.

Ryan Bobier - Gap to Nose Grind at New Line's Prince Albert Skatepark Photo: Owen Woytowich

January 01, 2006

Tofino skaters are stoked...

Tofino skaters are stoked watching the concrete flow daily in Tuff City Skatepark. With 3 amazing weeks of weather on our side the crew has made some amazing progress. This park is shaping up to be an great addition to the already amazing scene in Tofino.

Keep posted for some construction photos!!!

(if the guys would stop spending so much time surfing after work they might remember to send me so photos to post!) 

January 01, 2006

From Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, 2006 will see more new parks than ever...

Thank you Canada!
From Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, park development has never been stronger. The NLS team has hit the ground running in 2006 for the most municipal concrete skateparks to date. Everyone at the office and in the field would like to pass on their thanks - we've made a lot of new friends over the last 7 years and we're looking forward to making many more!

Start planning your road trips now. The prairies will be looking more like B.C's lower main land than feilds of wheat this year. 10 new NLS parks - yes 10 - are already in the works across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, including the North America's largest urban skate plaza and bowl complex (The Forks) in downtown Winnipeg.

Out east, watch out for new parks opening in Brockville, Hamilton, Acton, Saugeen Shores, Orangeville, Wychward Barns (T.O.), Colonel Sam Sanders Park (T.O.) and a couple more we'll keep a secret for now.

In the Maritimes, locals will be stoked on Bathurst, NB's soon to be completed park as well as a new skatespot on the Shearwater Department of National Defense Base near Halifax, NS. More are in the works here too - keep posted for the latest news.

Finally, B.C. is still leading the charge with a host of new parks set to open on the Island and throughout the interior.

We'll bring you up to speed on a couple of other projects underway south of the border and over the Atlantic in the next weeks. For now, hope for an early spring and we'll see you out skating soon. Thank you again Canada!

Check out the latest Forks construction pics

The construction of this cradle is another story in itself - it was transported to the site by police escort in the wee morning hours before this shot was taken by local media

Volunteer day at the park (Penticton)

Check out the latest construction photos of Penticton (BCs largest skatepark to date) The bowl unit 'shaping up'

January 01, 2006

Recently completed POCO park featured on cover of 2006 Concrete Powder Skatepark Guide

New Line makes cover of Canadian Skatepark Guide Again!
In addition to the cover photo of Paul Machnau ripping at Port Coquitlam, 10 other New Line parks receive coverage in some amazing skate shots and 17 parks are new to the listing.  Thanks to the dedicated crew at Concrete Powder for another stacked edition and making this summer's road trip that much easier!

January 01, 2005

Zero Team Visits Kamloops

The Zero team recently visited New Lines newest concrete beauty in Kamloops BC on their way to Slam City Jam. All the riders loved the park and took no time to 'destroy' all the handrails and ledges that grace this amazing park. Look for photos of the demo in the kamloops projects folder.

January 01, 2005

Port Coquitlam is finally...

Railside Skatepark Open for Business
Port Coquitlam is finally finished!!! At over 35,000 square feet the Railside Adventure Park in Port Coquitlam will be the largest outdoor youth activity park in British Columbia. Spread over 2 acres of Lions Park this facility boasts a large street park, urban terrain area, modern monster bowl unit, a 350' long funtrack as well as basketball/hockey court with lots of green space for hanging out and spectating.

Check out the latest construction photos.

January 01, 2005

Success of Vancouver Plaza sparks new development across Canada and beyond

Plaza Fever
The success of the Vancouver Skate Plaza has swept beyond the local press, finding it's way into even more international media coverage and sparking the development of 2 more plaza projects by New Line Skateparks Inc. This month, check out the Vancouver Skate Plaza Case Study written by internationally respected skatepark advocacy group: Skaters for Public Skateparks. The article may be found online here.  The full story includes a history of the Vancouver project and it's process as well as a number of interviews from pro skaters to the New Line team and the Vancouver Skatepark Coalition.

If you want to see what skating the Vancouver Skate Plaza is all about check out this link. Or check out the 3d pano here.

Now, on the topic of new projects... 2 more New Line designed plazas are scheduled for construction. If everything goes as planned, our friends down south in Wilmington, Delaware and the locals in Winnipeg, Manitoba will soon be home to what will be now a trio of World Class 'real street' gems. Check our concrete projects page soon for the full stories and concept renderings of each plaza.

The Forks Skate Plaza Concept Now Complete!! Check the latest images here

January 01, 2005

NLS Delivers LARGE for Penticton...

New Destination Park Hits the Okanagan!
Penticton's new Riverside park will soon be the largest skatepark in BC.  Park terrain will comprise an area over 30,000 square feet and will surpass VicWest (28,000 sqft), Kamloops (27,000 sqft) and Poco's Railside (29,000 sqft) as the largest skate facility around. Construction has started and work is underway for a massive Spring 2006 skate season.

If that was not enough, look to skate more NLS Okanagan gems (Keremeos, Osoyoos, Greenwood, and Peachland) in Spring 2006 as well.  Keep posted to our projects pages for the latest updates!!!

October 02, 2004

Legit Granite in Downtown Vancouver!

After six year's of hard work, street skaters in Vancouver now have a great new skate spot to session. The park was recently opened to the masses and so far it's been nothing but big smiles and amazing sessions. Special attention was focused on the details of this park and as a result skaters now have a legitimate spot to skate granite ledges, a brick bank hip and a number of other fun and unique items.