Alvin Texas Skatepark - Alvin, TX

Boasting over 6,000 square feet of modern plaza and tran­sitional terrain, the Alvin Skatepark truly represents a site-tailored facility that enhances an already-popular City park. SPA/New Line/VDZ responded to the City’s vision of creat­ing a safe, sanctioned skateboarding/wheeled sports ven­ue that would integrate with an established passive green space, children’s play scape, performance area, and pic­nic shelter. This includes the implementation of ‘skateable’ seating/site furnishings, central ‘green’ area, and architec­tural detailing that references the colours and signage found in the park’s historic railway building. Now open, the park serves as one of the region’s most popular community rec­reation attractions.

Alvin skatepark is located in National Oak Park, 118 S Magnolia.


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