SLP Skatepark - Lethbridge, AB

SLP Skatepark in Lethbridge was designed and built in conjunction with the Lethbridge Skateboard Association and City of Lethbridge staff. It was made possible, in part, by SLP industries.

Measuring approximately 10,000 sqft, SLP Skatepark was completed in late 2013. Its one-of-a-kind concrete design has a lot of lines and is very "flowy".

The park design contains a nod to Lethbridge's namesake bridge with a long bridge-like slappy bank, complete with stained "supports". There is a good mix of street and transition elements: bowled out mini ramp with hips, loads of ledges, rails, and banks.

SLP Skatepark is a must-visit for any rider visiting Southern Alberta. It is located on the corner of Mayor Magrath Drive South & South Parkside Drive, near Spitz Stadium and Henderson Park Ice Centre.

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