UBC Campus Skatepark - Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC is well-known across the globe for being a "skateboard mecca". With dozens of skateparks dotting the Lower Mainland, it comes as no surpise then, that Vancouver is now home to the first on-campus University skatepark.

The University of British Columbia already boasts a picturesque and active campus set at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in the view of the Coastal Mountains, so having an 8,500 sqft modern skatepark on the grounds puts it over the top.

Designed with campus dwelling skaters in mind, the UBC park as a little bit of everything. The bowled mini-ramp appeases the transition riders; the ledges, hubbas, and rails stoke out the street skaters.

Unique to the UBC skatepark is the "stacked books" obstacle. The three "books" are actually functional ledges/manny pads that can be hit from many different approach points. An inspirational quote from Van Gogh is another nod to the University's commitment to excellence.

The UBC skatepark is located at the corner of Health Sciences Mall and Thunderbird Boulevard, in the heart of the UBC campus.