Vic West Skatepark

SBC, Concrete Skateboarding and local reviews

“This is the one new cement skatepark in British Columbia, other than Ben Lee in Kelowna, that you will hear few complaints about. …(Opening day), we immediately headed for the silky smooth cement curves of the jam-packed skatepark designed by NewLine. The sideline bleachers it had set up were people-packed hockey-style. All were there to marvel at how this cement wonder would be put to use. Being at this near perfect skatepark…”
(Facelift; The Victoria West Youth Park, 2002, by Frank Daniello)

“Victoria’s new park is nothing short of amazing, it has everything and then some. …NewLine was the team responsible for the creation of the park and they did an amazing job. All the construction was done perfectly… The park has more than just something for everyone, it has 100 things for each different skater.”
(Skatepark Check, 2002 by Ted Degros)


“The city of Victoria has been very pleased with the progress of the construction of our Skateboard park – it has been on time, on budget and the construction work has been excellent. We feel that we have had an excellent combination of project management, skateboard park design, and construction coordination. The foreman/coordinator ensured that the work was of high standard and quality, and that the skateboard community was involved in every step of the process. He really managed to get the young people on side with the progress of the construction, and they totally respect the park and we are grateful to have had a construction coordinator that has had such a good rapport with youth.”
- Gail Price-Douglas, Community Development Planner, The City of Victoria

“I have no hesitation in recommending R.J. Dueck and New Line Skateparks to any municipality or organization contemplating the design and construction of a skatepark in their community.”
- Joseph Daly, BCSLA, manager, Park Design & Development

“I’ve found van der Zalm and New Line Skateparks to be responsive to our community’s needs including the needs of our youth. They have encouraged and supported youth that expressed interest in being part of the overall process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to assist with your community consultation process.”
- Mark Waters, Community Recreation Development Coordinator, Recreation Services.

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